Tara Nome Doyle Shares New Single ‘Caterpillar’

Following on from the captivating initial efforts Snail I and Crow, Norwegian singer and songwriter Tara Nome Doyle has just shared her brand new single Caterpillar, a captivating indie-folk track out now via Modern Recordings. 
With her eagerly-awaited second album Værmin (pronounced Vermin) arriving in the next few weeks (January 28th), Caterpillar is a soaring offering that aims to deliver more of the same broad and euphoric textures we have heard from her so far. I am a fan of her powerful and haunting vocal delivery which is quite commanding, instantly drawing the listener's attention to what is one of her more compelling songwriting to date. Caterpillar is a song about struggling with perfection and is beautifully conveyed in somewhat of a poetic touch tat I think you will enjoy. Tara Nome Doyle's lush vocals are layered seamlessly over a progressive organ-led production with memorable percussion that together create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new single, she adds,

Sometimes it seems to me as if my depression is actively trying to lull me into a false sense of comfort in times of perceived hopelessness. I wanted to explore my relationship with this state that is at once harrowing and oddly tempting, so I wrote “Caterpillar” from the perspective of personified depression.