Zoe Ko Shares Fierce New Single ‘EAT’

NYC born, LA-based singer-songwriter Zoe Ko shares her brand new single EAT, a stunning, fierce piece of alt-pop music out now via Big Loud Rock! 
I am loving the energy and how confident Zoe Ko's vocal delivery is, soaring effortlessly over the infectious production while infusing it with a memorable dose of attitude and passion. An anthem to be the most powerful, IDGAF version of yourself, EAT is one of those songs that instantly get me in a good mood and with a boost of confidence to go on with my week. This gem was co-written with Jonny Shorr and apart from her powerful, confident vocals I am particularly fond of the soaring, gritty electronic guitars seamlessly intertwined with punchy drum patterns and playful melodies that together create a high-energy, anthemic atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend.

Speaking about the song, Zoe Ko said, 
2024 is the year of serving, giving, and working but not in the volunteer way! I mean serving, giving, werking, and EATING in a hot way. In the way when a baddie walks by you on the street your jaw drops kinda way. Confidence is in. Strutting is in. Being the hottest most powerful bad bitch version of yourself is in. Not giving a single fuck about what others think is in. Eating is in. I wrote “EAT” with my collaborator Jonny Shorr (prod and co writing) right when I moved to LA from NYC. It was a culture shock to say the least. I missed my best friends and our crazy nights out, and the shameless confidence the city infused into me. A phrase / slang word my friends and I would always use was “eating,” “eat,” or “ate.” For example if my bestie just spent an hour getting ready and then showed us the outfit and makeup reveal we’d all scream “omg you’re eating!!” Or after our hot girl night out we’d say “we utterly ate tonight!” I wanted to write a song about wanting to go out, eat, be crazy, and dance all night. I hope this song is in every hot girl dance playlist there is! I wanna make people feel like they’re eating while listening to this song and or inspire them to get up, go out, and eat.

Accompanying the release, Zoe Ko shares its striking, captivating music video, directed by Breanna Lynn, which effortlessly embodies the message and confidence of the song.



Talking about the video, Zoe Ko said,
EAT, the song and music video, to me is about emulating what it means to eat! And to eat is to be hot, confident, care free, have fun, and give zero f*cks!!! I think this video show cases that perfectly. Somehow we are all serving even while being covered in food by the end of the video. And to that I say werk! My vision was to have a bunch of stuffy people loosen up and end up being crazy with me by the end of the video. In the music video I wake up find myself at snooty dinner party. I’ve had enough and start bringing some needed crazy energy to the party. Eventually I end up crawling on the table and starting a food fight. Finally at the end you see the guests having fun smiling while finally letting loose. A food fight is one of the funnest and messiest things one could do besides crawling in mud so it felt fitting. ####