Bea Kadri Unveils New Single ‘B4WBU’
London-based Lebanese singer-songwriter Bea Kadri has just unveiled her brand new single B4WBU, a super chill piece of 90's-inspired Pop/R&B music.

I am really enjoying her smooth, sultry vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the laid-back production. The song shares the relatable message of realising that a relationship has come to an end and all the emotion that comes from it. Bea perfectly captures such emotions and conveys them through her lush vocal delivery and infectious production (with an infectious bass and subtle guitar riffs). B4WBU is smoothly produced and has a chillout atmosphere that makes it perfect for a relaxing weekend at home.

To accompany the release, Bea shared its official music video which was directed by Kunai Lester ‘MonteCarloDream'. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Bea said,

This is a song about wishing time could stop so I could catch up with the reality sinking in that a love I once put on a pedestal needs to end. I’m unable to handle facing the emotions hence the hook "I need a break, before we break up”. This realization personally came after investing so much time and energy into a long distance relationship that came crumbling down when we finally came face to face.

The ballerina dancers represent my conflicted emotions and voices in my head while I am sat numb at a party.