Knox White Unveils New Single ‘The Morning’

L.A.-based multi-instrumentalist Knox White is back with a guitar-heavy new single called The Morning, featuring Nikki Segal. The song is packed with a sensual vibe courtesy of his smooth vocals and that electric guitar just made my day. Nikki's vocals mesh perfectly with his vocals and that beat is absolutely infectious. It oozes sensuality and it has that 80s vibe to it that's just magical. And once again he delivers a stunning guitar solo! Knox gives us music that sounds like Prince and Jimi Hendrix had a baby! Stream it below!

Speaking about the track Knox said,
The Morning is inspired by those late nights, when you end up at some random warehouse party downtown doing god knows what with god knows who. At some point you lose your friends and meet a girl and end up losing time together. You’re so in the moment you don’t realize it’s almost 6am then, all of a sudden all the lights come on and the people disperse. Then you’re on our own whi