Knox White Unveils New Single ‘You’ve Been My Girl’

Knox White Unveils New Single ‘You’ve Been My Girl’
L.A.-based multi-instrumentalist Knox White has unveiled his brand new single You’ve Been My Girl, and I am absolutely in love with it. This is a super infectious song, smooth and sensual with that awesome 80s throwback groove. Loving its chill vibe and a seriously amazing guitar solo! The song sounds like a lost child of Tame Impala x Prince x Jimi Hendrix! Stream it below!

Tapping into the inspiration from his late night talks while bartending, and his obsession with 80s music, Knox began writing and producing his own throwback style of chill wave pop infused (with some serious guitar shredding). In July 2018, Knox White will debut his (self titled) EP starting with the single You’ve Been My Girl and has begun plotting an undeniable live show per Sir Paul McCartney’s advice.

Los Angeles is the kind of place where you can meet anyone at anytime. Knox White learned this when he moved there as an aspiring musician and began bartending. Lionel Ritchie was a regular he often served and felt almost like an uncle, giving advice and sharing stories about being on the road. The line that really struck a chord? Ritchie told him:
Don’t sell your soul to the devil to get success in the music business. Stay humble and treat everyone like they are your friend.
Another night, Paul McCartney walked in and Knox had the unbelievable luck of hearing stories about The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. McCartney said The Beatles helped Hendrix, who was unknown in North America at the time, secure a slot at Monterey Pop Festival. As history goes, his performance was legendary and word spread like fire. McCartney said a musician with an incredible live show is a musician with super powers. He imparted this final advice to Knox:
Get amazing live first and everything else will fall into place.
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