Sarah Close unveils new single ‘Caught Up’

Sarah Close unveils new single ‘Caught Up’
Sarah Close has unveiled her brand new single Caught Up, the title track and second single from her debut EP, out now. It follows the gorgeous - and fan favourite - Call Me Out. This is a midtempo personality-packed tune with a lot of tongue-twisting rhymes and super infectious. The track is structured around a tight keyboard loop and Sarah’s pitch-shifting falsetto, it elegantly recalls a carefree summer against a velvety electronic groove. I love the way she tells this story! Check it out below!

‘Perfect After All’ and ‘Maestro’ complete the EP with breathy synth-infused lines and tantalising piano notes. The EP was the no.1 best-selling on iTunes pre-orders. Sarah’s irresistible hooks and choruses give a nod to the left-field pop sensibilities of acts including Empress Of and Robyn as well as the lyricism of Carole King and Joni Mitchell, who taught her the importance of songwriting from an early age. 

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