Ellen Krauss Shares Emotional New Single ‘Hungover (Head In A Can)’

Swedish pop singer and songwriter Ellen Krauss has just shared her brand new single Hungover (Head In A Can), a melancholy-infused blend of pop and folk music. 
Out now via Tiller Inc, Hungover (Head In A Can) finds the talented artist continuing her pursuit of warm and tantilising folk-pop aesthetics, making this song quite an embracing introduction to her upcoming album. I am a fan of Ellen's stunning, dulcet vocals which effortlessly convey raw, honest emotion, sounding very powerful and vulnerable at the same time. This is one of those songs that take us on a ride, brimming with raw and heartfelt textures from start to finish. 
Apart from her gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar and banjo plucks which are seamlessly paired with emotive piano chords and steady drum patterns that together create an overall heartwarming, somewhat melancholic atmosphere perfect for a reflective weekend home alone or long drives out in the sun in a warm summer's day. Have a listen to this folk-pop gem below!