Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham Share New Single ‘Memories Of You’

Spirited duo Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham have just shared their brand new single Memories Of You, a captivating pop/rock song out now via Harmonic Music. 
Memories Of You perfectly pairs Rich Wyman's smokey voice and thundering piano chops with Lisa Needham's passionate vocals, both creating memorable harmonies packed with emotion and passion that instantly connect the listeners to their storytelling. This is an ode to that special someone in our hearts and is backed by thundering piano keys seamlessly intertwined with punchy drums and soaring guitar riffs that envelop listeners in a warm atmosphere of sunshine and radiance, guaranteed to brighten up your day. 
The music video captures this ecstatic feeling of love through stunning visuals of the artists cruising across the gorgeous valleys of Utah in a classy baby blue 1962 Lincoln Continental. It's clear to see the chemistry both Wyman and Needham have as musicians, utilizing each other's talents to truly shine. "Memories of You" is the track to let one's heart run free and soak in the magic of love.