modernlove. Share New Single ‘Oh My Mind’

Following a wave of highly-praised singles over the last few months, including  Don’t Wanna, Us, Follow You, Islands, and Familiar, Irish indie-pop-rockers modernlove. have now delivered their eagerly-awaited new EP Oh My Mind through Akira Records(Phoria, Henry Green, Mt. Wolf, Rosie Carney, Shura). 
Accompanying the release, the band have shared its shimmering title-track which perfectly reflects the rich and dynamic direction they have been exploring throughout this new EP. Oh My Mind is a captivating song that aims to highlight the mental health struggles in a post-pandemic world, a gem wrapped around a warm and inviting pop-rock production with soaring guitars and punchy drums that create the perfect atmosphere for those lush vocals to soar. Definitely one of those songs perfect for a chill summer's day! 
Accompanying the release, the band have shared a ver lighthearted video, directed by Liam Desroy, which enhances the song's warmth and feel-good vibes. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new single, they said, 
Oh my mind explores the modern day neuroses of young people and the mental health challenges brought upon them by pop culture, the internet and most recently, the coronavirus lockdowns. I think we all went a little mad over lockdown and most of this EP was written in that state of social isolation. Without distraction or release from cycles of negative thought you can begin to spiral to the point of derealisation and being in a constant state of panic. But then we kinda juxtaposed that by a brighter and more playful sonic composition. I think as young people, we tend to joke about our mental health as a way of relating to one another and not feeling so alone in all of it. So it felt natural to write a poppy, upbeat song about such dark themes rather than treating them with a forced solemnity and formality.