modernlove. Share New Single ‘Islands’

Following the success of their latest offerings Don’t Wanna, Us and Follow You, Irish indie-rock outfit modernlove. are back with their brand new single Islands, a soaring indie-rock gem out now via Akira Records. 
Taken from their eagerly-awaited new EP Oh My Mind, which arrives on July 29th, Islands is a heartfelt song about trying to cope with the pain and loneliness that follows a family coming apart and the end of a relationship. This message is beautifully conveyed through lush, passionate vocals that are backed by groovy guitar riffs and bass that are seamlessly intertwined with steady drum patterns that create an overall warm, upbeat atmosphere perfect for a fun day out in the sun. 
Accompanying the release, modernlove. have shared its official music video, directed by Liam Desroy, which nicely embodies the song's warmth and upbeat vibes. Check it out below!



Adding about the new single, they said,
Islands is a classic coming of age story. Trying to cope with the fallout of a family coming apart due to divorce and one’s own romantic relationship coming to an end at the same time. It tells the story of both, blurring them into one at times. The song is about the distances between people in their relationships and how for some, it seems too impossible a task to even try to bridge those gaps. These people are made into “islands” by the oceans they must travel each day to meet and see each other eye to eye. 
The song explores ways people try to deal with this struggle and this loneliness whether it be drink, drugs or sex but in the end it recognises that they are simply in a painful situation that they must accept and let happen as the song ends with the repeated words: “It’s coming apart and I can’t face it, I don’t wanna break down but I can’t take it.