modernlove. Share New Single ‘Us’

Irish indie-rock outfit modernlove. have just shared their brand new single Us, an anthemic indie-rock track, out now via Akira Records (Phoria, Henry Green, Mt. Wolf, Rosie Carney, Shura). 
Us sees the four-piece band venture into a bold and soaring aesthetic that instantly got me hooked from the very first listen. I am loving the smooth, expressive vocals and how they glide beautifully over the high-energy production. Us is a breakup song with a hopeful and uplifting atmosphere thanks to is galloping pace, shimmering guitar hooks and gorgeous drums. If you're into anthemic pieces of indie-rock music packed with so much energy, then you'll love this song. Accompanying the release, modernlove. have shared its official music video, directed by Liam Desroy, which beautifully embodies the song's euphoric atmosphere. Check it out below!



I Speaking about the new offering, the band said,
'Us' is actually the first tune we ever wrote together. It’s such a raw song in every sense of the word: the energy, the lyrics, the production. It’s the blueprint for how we write music as a band. Once we wrote that song something clicked with us. There’s something weirdly romantic about it even though it’s a break-up tune, it’s hopeful and uplifting. That push and pull is something that has come to define our teens and early twenties, and we just love the idea of a raucous crowd singing along even though it’s a sad song.