modernlove. Share New Single ‘Don’t Wanna’

Following up their latest offerings Us and Follow You, Irish indie-rock outfit modernlove. have just shared their brand new single Don't Wanna, an euphoric indie-rock gem out now via Akira Records. 
I am loving the passionate vocal delivery which is packed with so much emotion that beautifully connects the listeners to their relatable storytelling. Don't Wanna is a song about desire, and how weird it feels when you can't figure out if you're into one of your friends or not. I am particularly fond of the soaring guitars riffs and punchy drums that create a very energetic soundscape for the passionate and confident vocals to soar. Don't Wanna sees the band focus on the more romantically-charged side to their sound. With its bright and soaring aesthetic, matched effortlessly with some wonderfully engaging songwriting, the group are spreading their creative wings to unveil one of their most heartfelt releases to date. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new track, the band said, 
Don't Wanna is a song about desire. We've all had that weird feeling at some point where you can't decide whether you might be kinda into one of your close mates... It touches on the difficulty of navigating friendships and relationships as a young person when such passionate feelings and sex are involved. We wanted to capture that excitement in the sonics as well, it's definitely one of our poppiest tunes but still got that rocky edge to it.