The A.M.s Share Debut Single ‘Torn Vine’

Indie-folk duo The A.M.s, consisting of California-based Adrian Libertini (vocals, guitar, bass) and Washington-based Mariko Langan (piano, backing vocals), make their official music introduction with the release of their official debut single Torn Vine
Out now via 1000 Miles Productions, Torn Vine is a folk and blues-infused track that gives listeners a glimpse into their wide range of emotional depth and storytelling abilities. I am really enjoying the commanding vocals and how they are backed by a polished production that features intricate guitar riffs, lush piano chords and steady drum patterns that create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Mariko Langan said, 
I wrote these lyrics nine months before my milestone birthday. I was thinking about my birth parents, where they were in the world, and perhaps forty years later, they would be thinking about me too. Adrian sent me his musical idea: a lyrical line over strumming harmonics, and I immediately heard percussive piano underneath it. We’ve been building on that idea ever since, creating layers upon layers further illustrating the complex notion of identity.