Vraell Shares New Single ‘Flicker’

Vraell, the moniker of London based musician & producer Alessio Scozzaro, has just shared his brand new single Flicker, an impressive piece of indie/folktronica out now via Nettwerk Music Group. 
What I love the most about this song is its warmth and how it instantly got me in a relaxed mood, perfect to unwind after a stressful day. The vocals are gorgeous and I love how heartfelt the vocal delivery is, soaring effortlessly throughout the track, beautifully infusing it with a memorable dose of emotion. Flicker is a song about not feeling good enough for someone you care about or love, maybe just not being good enough for yourself either. This relatable message is wrapped around a polished production that features intricate nylon guitar, interspaced with electronic flourishes that create an overall warm, somewhat melancholic, atmosphere perfect for a laid-back weekend at home or out alone. 
Accompanying the release, Vraell has shared its official music video which flawlessly embodies the song's warmth and heartfelt atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Vraell said,
I think it leans into the idea that sometimes the hatred we have for ourselves wraps us up to the point that it covers our ability to see any light that’s also there. I think we gravitate towards our darkness and what we hate about ourselves, thinking it always defines us. This song is essentially an ongoing rejection of that light, which leads us to feel inadequate. But we need to accept that the parts of us we think that are lesser are just as important as everything else. Once we accept this - then maybe we can be good enough for ourselves, and the surrounding people in our lives.