Lost Blonde Shares New Single ‘Bulletproof’

Pop singer and songwriter Lost Blonde has just shared her brand new single Bulletproof, a warm pop song about that one person in your life that is your rock. 
The follow up to her upbeat debut single Dreamin' About You, Bulletproof continues to showcases Lost Blonde's gorgeous, expressive vocals and storytelling abilities. Bulletproof is a song about having someone you can always rely on, someone that encourages you and is always there to pick you up when you're down. This relatable song is wrapped around a captivating pop production packed with intricate acoustic guitar strums nicely intertwined with emotive piano keys and punchy percussion that create an overall warm atmosphere than enhances the emotion pouring from her lovely vocals. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lost Blonde said,
Bulletproof is about that one person in your life that is your rock, a shoulder to lean on. For me, that person is my sister. For all the hardships we’ve gone through, she has been my support system, best friend, and encourager. She’s been that person that helps pick me up, and pushes me to keep fighting for my dreams.