Ridi Shares Debut Single ‘Top Guy’

17-year-old singer and songwriter Ridi has just shared her official debut single Top Guy, a captivating indie-pop song about how someone can break one's spirit. 
This self-written track shares an anti-hate message and shines a light on the struggles teenagers face with bullying, be it in real life or online. The song draws from her own experience and shows how strong she has become and how other's judgement won't break her anymore.This message is wrapped around a high-energy production packed with emotive piano chords that are nicely paired with thundering drums and wailing guitars that match Ridi's emotional vocal delivery. I am particularly fond of the fact Ridi sings both in French and English and how dynamic her delivery is, starting soft until it climaxes into a pop-rock belt delivery. I am also loving the soaring guitar solo that just gives the song an extra dose of energy that I find quite captivating. Accompanying the release, Ridi has shared its official music video which has a fantasy element that I think you'll enjoy. Check it out below!



Speaking about Top Guy, Ridi said,
The song talks about how even when someone is entirely innocent there can always be that one person - the ‘top guy’ who has the power to essentially destroy everything about you. How someone can break you to the point that you don’t even recognise yourself. I hope my music truly helps people travel the same journey of self-realisation I went through.