Pacific Share New Single ‘Spiral’

Manchester-based band Pacific, consisting of brothers & songwriters Anthony Orzel – Vocals/Piano and Daniel Orzel – Synths/Bass/Backing Vocals, Dave Bithell – Guitars and Drew Burns – Drums/Percussion, have just shared their brand new single Spiral, a piano-infused indie-pop/rock song with an anthemic feel. 

I adore Anthony Orzel's powerful, passionate vocal delivery and how it effortlessly conveys the emotion of their relatable storytelling. Spiral aims to remind listeners that we have the ability and power to control our future as long as we don't fall into a spiral. This song is giving me Muse vibes and I love how the production enhances the passion and emotion pouring from Anthony Orzel's vocals. 

Spiral encapsulates the band’s sound, straight from the heart song writing that is delivered with grit and emotion. Delving deep into slick pop with the foundations of energetic indie, Pacific are quickly mastering their craft and creating an inimitable sound. This is an arena-sized anthem packed with tons of energy and emotion that I think you will enjoy. Check it out below!



On Spiral, they added,

When we were writing this song, we wanted to capture how in life, days can unknowingly pass with all your time being spent working towards an end-game of someone else’s making. Importantly, we remember we have the ability to control our own futures and that’s what the song is about - overcoming that spiral that we can easily fall into.