Todd Binder Shares New Single ‘I Could Use You’

California-based indie-rock artist Todd Binder shares his brand new single I Could Use You, a gorgeous indie-folk song out now via Nicochico. 
His 5th official release, I Could Use You finds the talented artist gifting us with a twangy and soothing slow-burn of a song about the emotional toll and fragility of a dying relationship, exploring how a part of one’s self is lost in the process. This raw, relatable storytelling is flawlessly delivered through his stunning vocals which radiate so much soul and emotion that is impossible not to feel each and every single word he is singing. Backing his heartfelt delivery we have steady drum patterns seamlessly paired with lush keys and killer guitar plucks that come together to create an overall warm atmosphere with touches of melancholia, perfect for an introspective day home alone.