Charly Haze Shares New Single ‘Backfire’

Dutch London-based singer and songwriter Charly Haze has just shared her brand new single Backfire, the third single to be taken from her upcoming debut EP set to arrive this summer. 

Written and produced with Adam Bar-Pereg (Benny Sings a.o.), Backfire is a punchy '80s inspired indie pop track that tells the powerful story about a whiplash/brain injury recovery after a carcrash, and regaining control over your body. I am really enjoying how Charly's vocals glide beautifully over the captivating production, effortlessly conveying the emotion of this empowering triumph of overcoming adversity. I am also very fond of the bright synths beautifully intertwined with cool guitar riffs and punchy drums that bring that 80s vibe to modern times. 

Backfire is a personal song for Charly who had to go through a two-year recovery from a traumatic brain injury, caused by a severe car accident. Speaking about it, Charly added,

I was left with neck/back injuries and PCSS (post-concussion syndrome), experiencing a constant sensory overload, memory loss and chronic fatigue. My life was drastically put on hold and there were no guarantees for a full recovery.

Accompanying the release, Charly has shared its official music video that finds Charly teaming up with Dutch contemporary choreographer Anne Suurendonk to tell the story in a routine focusing on the injured body parts (head, neck, and back). Check it out below!


Going into a little more detail about the track’s lyrical meaning, charly adds,

’Backfire’ captures the contrast between the darkest days of despair and the fighting spirit; losing control over your body and doing whatever it takes to regain it. However, it is not a sad song; the emphasis lies on perseverance, courage, and invincibility. The tough times have come to an end, but the fighting spirit remains forever.