Trip Carter Shares New Single ‘Ovation’

Los Angeles-based R&B  singer, rapper, & bassist Trip Carter has just shared his brand new single Ovation, the second single to be released from the forthcoming Slim Tripper project, set to be released on April 7th.

I am really enjoying the way his vocals flow effortlessly over the upbeat production packed with an insatiable rhythm & flow and awesome guitar riffs. Trip Carter's melodic, charismatic vocals won me over and the whole upbeat, feel-good atmosphere of the song sealed the deal for me and I think you will enjoy it too. Check it out below!



Speaking about his project, Trip Carter said,

Slim Tripper will be my first project since 2018. It represents a complete sonic shift for me. While my old sound was more traditional hip hop, this new one blends that with elements of Pop, R&B, and Alternative to form a unique soundscape. Sonically, it's defined by my use of real bass and guitar. This makes for a sun-drenched, lush, and soulful listening experience, which is perfectly representative of my Southern California upbringing. This acid-washed, genre defying project has something to offer any fan of Hip Hop, R&B, & Alternative. If you like any of those genres, you will find at least one song you like on here.