Dempsey Bolton Shares New Single ‘Backup’

Canadian singer and songwriter Dempsey Bolton has just shared his brand new single Backup, a self-produced chill R&B song.

Backup is an anthem for everyone who has ever been neglected in a relationship but somehow still had hope. Nobody should be treated like a second choice and have someone playing with our feelings and Dempsey perfectly captures those feelings in this song. I am really enjoying his soulful vocals and silky falsetto soaring over the warm, infectious melodies and how the song sounds perfect for some chill, bedroom sessions or late night drives. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Dempsey Bolton said,

The track is an anthem for people who have been “backups” in relationships and it touches on experiences that had a big impact on me / informed me how I want to carry myself. From being ghosted or “left on read” to feeling even more interested in someone because they play with your feelings, it’s all about people who only give attention when it’s convenient. I hate that and I’m really glad to have been out of that cycle for quite a while. But just like in Backup, in real life it’s not that easy to recognize or escape.