Tyler Rix Shares New Single ‘Tell Me’

British songwriter, saxophonist and singer Tyler Rix has just shared his brand new single Tell Me, a striking piece of pop music about the common tendency to bottle up emotions and suffer in silence.

Written during lockdown the song urges the listener to open up and talk about how we really feel as a way to ease the toll this pandemic is having in our mental health. This empowering song is wrapped around a polished production with sweeping live strings, subtle piano chords, military style drums and a choir made up entirely of Tyler's vocals. I am also very fond of how his vocal delivery is packed with so much emotion and soars over the infectious production. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Tyler Rix said,

This single means a lot to me as I have seen first-hand the affect that holding everything in can have. It’s just a temporary bandage on a permanent wound and it’s often unsustainable. We must learn to talk to each other and seek help when it’s needed. This is especially the case for men, who have been conditioned to believe that they are weak if they talk about their feelings, when in fact the opposite is true. Opening up and making yourself vulnerable shows true strength and courage. For me, talking is a really powerful tool and the only way to move forward.