Beta Radio Share New Single ‘Afraid of Love’

North Carolina-based indie folk duo Beta Radio, consisting of Benjamin Mabry and Brent Holloman, have just shared their brand new single Afraid of Love, the title track of their upcoming EP, Afraid of Love, out on January 8th, 2021.

I am really enjoying those warm vocals and how they are packed with so much emotion, instantly connecting the listener with their storytelling about love. The production of the song is extremely captivating with intricate acoustic guitar riffs effortlessly intertwined with emotive piano chords, smooth percussion and lush strings that create an intimate, yet cinematic, atmosphere.

Accompanying the song is a stunning music video, directed by Matt Batchelor, which beautifully enhances the song's message. It's like watching a short film and I think you guys will enjoy. Check it out below!



Of the song, Benjamin says,

I’ve spent most of my recent songwriting career trying NOT to write about love. It’s done so much, (we’ve done it so much), and I was tired of it. It got to the point that when I would sit to write song lyrics, I would try to be intentional to not use the word ‘love’ because it was already everywhere my ear turned. But then the new year arrived. And then the world got sick. And then we all saw again how broken our system(s) of justice are. And so, it seemed that love was all that I could write about. Even if I am sometimes afraid of it.

Speaking about the video, Benjamin added,

The video was actually shot and completed prior to the song being finished in the studio. Although the lyrics were solidified after the video, that is what I love about songwriting... the sense of place the video conveys totally still works for the song, even though they ultimately took form separately. I love how music works that way. Visually, linguistically and audibly. All these senses are speaking to the same narrative, which is ultimately open to the interpretation of the viewer or listener.