Sam Johnson Shares Soaring New Single ‘Changes’

Following on from the success of his previously single Peter Pan, British singer and songwriter Sam Johnson is back with a soaring new single titled Changes, the latest offering to be lifted from his forthcoming EP, Are We There Yet?
I am a huge fan of Sam Johnson's distinctive vocals and how they are packed with so much emotion that instantly captures the listener's attention to his storytelling. Unlike its predecessor, Changes sees Sam Johnson adopting a fresh and emboldened sound, filled with a bright and euphoric atmosphere, yet maintaining that emotionally-charge vibe. 
Changes opens up with a smooth and supple piano-led direction, quickly kicking up a gear and seeing Sam deliver a huge and anthemic vocal performance that cements him as one of the more captivating names on the new music landscape right now. This is one of those songs that infuse me with tons of energy and are perfect to sing along to, and I think you guys will love it as much as I am. Check it out below!
Speaking about the song, Sam said,
This song was almost inevitable and a needed bit of closure to the ‘coming of age’ sentiment running throughout the EP. It starts with the realisation that a long distance relationship I’d had for 6 years wasn’t going to work out, but then beckons in the change that comes with that decision and the ramifications it will have on my life. Both exciting and daunting, this song really is, at its heart, an optimistic look to the future and all it might bring. Moving to London, falling in love again, and following my dreams in music are the real touchstones of this song rather than a mournful look back on what could have been. It can be summed up by a little clip of audio that I’d ripped from a video on my phone and placed deep within the song's emotive middle 8, where my girlfriend says “You’ll be fine Sammy, you’re in safe hands”.