River Iris Shares New Single ‘War’
Phoenix-based singer and songwriter River Iris has just unveiled her brand new single War, the third single to be taken from her upcoming debut EP.

I am a fan of River's distinctive and powerful vocals which are definitely the star of the song and soar effortlessly over the polished electro-pop production. Co-written with Jess Cates, War is an edgy, moody track about constant fighting in a relationship, which unfortunately is something I can relate to. River Iris sings about why does everything have to be an argument, which ends up exhausting both parties involved. I am really enjoying the infectious production packed with cool guitar riffs and bass that beautifully enhance the emotion of her storytelling. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, River Iris said,
"War" is about a tumultuous relationship where conflict is constant. Even though you recognize the pattern, you still find yourself back amidst the chaos wondering, "Why does it always have to be a war?"