The Coo Share Debut Single ‘Low Country Girl’
Amsterdam/London duo The Coo, consisting of Matt Arthur and Jara Holdert, have just shared their official debut single Low Country Girl, a wistful and romantic indie/folk-pop track that tells the story of their meeting.

Out now via Just Listen Records / Native DSD, Low Country Girl is taken from their forthcoming debut Amsterdam Moon EP and perfectly showcases how talented Matt and Jara are, by delivering a beautifully-written piece of music over an intimate production. One can feel the honest and raw emotion of their storytelling which is highlighted by their smooth vocal delivery and lovely harmonies. I am really enjoying the stripped-down production of the song that allows their vocals to shine over intricate guitar melodies. There's something timeless about this song that I think many of you guys will enjoy and it's just the whole intimate, warm atmosphere and honest songwriting that makes Low Country Girl such an endearing listening experience. Check it out below!