Luke James Shaffer Unveils New Single ‘Wash’
Virginia-based singer-songwriter Luke James Shaffer is back with his brand new single Wash, a soulful piece of Gospel-tinged pop/folk music about self-realisation and renewal.

I am a big fan of Luke's distinctive and powerful vocals and once again he perfectly makes us feel each and every single word he sings, infusing the infectious production with tons of emotion. I am loving the guitar riffs, emotive piano keys and steady percussion that set the tone for an intimate and powerful song. The gospel choir beautifully enhanced the emotion of the song and took it to a whole new level as those harmonies are simply amazing! We can feel how much heart and soul Luke put in this song and I think you guys will enjoy it! Check it out below!

Speaking about Wash, Luke said,
I wrote this song on a sunny summer afternoon in a park along the Potomac river. I wanted it to be a soulful song about realization and renewal. When I was thinking about artwork I wanted there to be water. I wanted there to be struggle and rebirth. I ended up asking my buddy Will Benitez to join me in jumping into the water of the Potomac river and getting some video and some cool pictures.