Fabian Secon Unveils New Single ‘Small’

Fabian Secon Unveils New Single ‘Small’
Brixton-based DIY artist Fabian Secon is back with his brand new single Small, taken from his latest EP I See Things Others Can’t, out now.

I am really enjoying the flow of Small on which Fabian's lush and sensual vocals flow effortlessly over its infectious melodies. The song is such a beautiful melodic piece of Pop/R&B with a chilled out atmosphere, yet staying true to his dark and eerie sound. That beat is absolutely addictive and gets me on a relaxed, feel-good mood. Stream this gem below!

Fabian himself wrote and produced I See Things Others Can’t EP which includes other songs that I really like such as Treasure and One More Day. Speaking about the project, Fabian said,
Each song has its own personality and expression, ranging from uplifting emotions to depressing places and rebellion. The EP’s title and concept revolves around the idea that sometimes I’m in my own world and only I can feel and visualise certain things around me. I always like to be one step ahead creatively and sonically too.

For this project, I wanted to push my own boundaries. I created a more progressive sound with tracks like ‘Small’, which is very melodic and pop-R&B driven, while keeping a more familiar dark and eerie sound on others, such as ‘One More Day’ [co-produced by Jacob Manson]. I wanted to show growth and capabilities of what else I can do but also pay homage to what has been successful for me previously.

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