Dan Crossley Unveils New Single ‘Forgive Me’

Dan Crossley Unveils New Single ‘Forgive Me’
23-year-old singer/songwriter Dan Crossley is back with his brand new single Forgive Me, the follow up to his gorgeous song Heal. This is the 5th and final track off his new Closure EP, out today! 

I am a big fan of his lush, soulful vocals and they sound great here. There's somewhat of a tribal touch in the beat that gives the song a cool vibe and the anthemic chorus is highly captivating. Loving the emotive piano keys that perfectly enhance the emotion of the lyrics and his vocals. This is a song about realising your wrong doings and asking for forgiveness and making peace with the relationship resulting in closure.

With Forgive Me, Dan once again showcases his great songwriting skills and emotive vocals and I think you guys will love this one. Check it out below!

Speaking about Forgive Me Dan says,
It was a chance for me to escape the bitterness, let my guard down and be more mature about my first heart break. Forgiveness is something I’m still learning everyday, not just in relationships but with myself. I’ll always have love for someone that taught me lessons and made me who I am today.

Speaking on the EP Dan says,
Closure was a writing journey I started after my first heartbreak. The relationship never fully ended and I’m still to this day left with a question mark hanging over the two of us. That being said the project gave me the closure I needed to move on. It’s been just as much as a personal journey as well as a musical one.

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