Black Match Unveil New Single ‘Nowhere’

Black Match Unveil New Single ‘Nowhere’
California-based Dream Folk duo Black Match have just unveiled their brand new single Nowhere, a mesmerising piece of Folk music about the agony of a love lost.

I am absolutely in love with those intricate acoustic guitar melodies and their hauntingly beautiful harmonies. Black Match really know how to deliver music that is sincere and emotional, combining dreamy instrumentation with cathartic vocals and expert production. 

The gorgeous strings and unforgettable first instances of Hannah Kenny's celestial voice seconds into the song provides the listener with an immediate heartfelt introduction and connection. Shortly followed by Ian Kizanis' supporting vocals and a resonating kick drum comparable to a heartbeat, the duo brings about a beautiful harmonic contrast that makes the lyrics of longing, craving, and heartache a focal point to their aesthetic.

Nowhere manages to perfectly capture the different elements that make up grief. Wrought with anguish, despair and indescribable yearning, the song grips you like a desperate lover and refuses to let go. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song the duo said,
Almost all of our songs are written for or about human connection and all that comes with it, including heartache, longing, fulfillment, unfulfillment and growth. Raw and honest songwriting is most important to us - in a world that is often exploitative and shallow with its words, our goal with this music is to write with real emotion and poetic honesty.
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