Joel Ansett Unveils New Single ‘Slow Down’

Joel Ansett Unveils New Single ‘Slow Down’
Denver-based singer-songwriter Joel Ansett has just unveiled his brand new single Slow Down, the first single to be taken from his upcoming studio album. Joel's unique sound is the result of a beautiful combination of Alternative, Folk and R&B and Slow Down is a perfect example of it.

I am loving the atmospheric elements of the song that add somewhat of a mysterious touch to the track and fit perfectly with the R&B-leaning chorus. Loving how the horns add a jazzy touch to this already captivating piece of music!

The star of the song has to be Joel's lush vocals which have a beautiful rasp that just makes the song sound even better. His smooth vocals flow effortlessly over the soulful, chilled-out instrumental, making Slow Down a great song for a laid back weekend at home, when you want to be alone with your thoughts. Stream this lovely song below!

Speaking about the song Joel said,
"Slow Down" is the first single off my upcoming full-length album. I wrote this song to fight against the stress and insecurity that come with making music. I am prone to over-thinking and people-pleasing, and that had started to poison my art; so throughout the recording process made a habit of calling family and friends to re-center. That helped me slow down and write songs FROM a place of approval instead of FOR people's approval. Huge difference. This song is about those phone calls home.
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