Maor Mo Unveils New Single ‘Karaoke’ ft. Talib Kweli

Maor Mo Unveils New Single ‘Karaoke’ ft. Talib Kweli
Miami-based singer and songwriter Maor Mo has just unveiled his brand new single Karaoke, the lead single from his new album entitled Antisocial Media.

For Karaoke Maor teamed up with legendary MC Talib Kweli to curate a fun, classic-praising anthem for all the aspiring singers, good or bad! I am really loving Maor's smooth vocals and how they soar over the chillout, acoustic guitar-based melodies. His soulful vocals perfectly convey the emotion of the lyrics and flow nicely with Talib's rhymes. Karaoke is a great piece of Contemporary R&B with infectious hooks that makes it perfect to be played on radios. Check it out below!

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