Charlie Harris Unveils New Single ‘MoonBounce’

Charlie Harris Unveils New Single ‘MoonBounce’
Brooklyn-based Charlie Harris has just unveiled his new single MoonBounce. The song was written, produced and performed by Charlie which showcases his versatility as an artist.

MoonBounce is a cool piece of electro-pop music with gritty pop vocals and an upbeat melody. There's some groovy space touches to this dance track and a cool touch of a dark atmosphere. I am really enjoying his vocals here and how he drew influences from genres such as pop, electronic dance music and dancehall, to create an infectious piece of electro-pop music with meaningful lyrics. Check it out below!

Charlie's unique brand of electropop evokes a paradoxical sense of hope born out of darkness. Listeners experience eerie yet encouraging sounds of futurism paired with lyrics meant to push boundaries and expand horizons.

Inspired by the ultramodern sounds and scientific concepts of acts like Daft Punk, Muse and The Weeknd, Charlie creates relatable tracks with deeper meanings, toeing the lines between pop and electronic dance music.
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