Ward Thomas Unveil Affecting Video For ‘No Filter’

Ward Thomas Unveil Affecting Video For ‘No Filter’
Rising UK stars Ward Thomas (24-year-old twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy), have released the powerful and moving video for their gorgeous single No Filter, taken from their eagerly anticipated album Restless Minds, out February 8th on WTW Music/Sony Music.

The video draws on wider themes from the forthcoming album - what ‘the truth’ means in 2019, and society’s pressure to conform. Framed by a group therapy setting, Catherine and Lizzy are seen amongst three others, all of whom silently carry their own burdens and are visibly insecure.

In the video, emotional backstory footage and vignettes delve into the personal lives of the characters and show what they have been through. No longer bound by their need to hide behind a filter, the façade from each individual is removed and they are finally able to be themselves. It's a powerful video and I am loving it! Watch it below!

Speaking about the video the sisters explained,
We all struggle with something - whether it's our weight, our appearance, our sexuality or anything that might be regarded as ‘abnormal’ in the eyes of some parts of culture. We see young people growing up in this world where it often feels like we are judged on our external achievements or our looks and where people can be so unkind when they have a keyboard to hide behind. So learning to accept ourselves and be happy in our own skin has become harder than ever.

We wanted it to represent how exhilarating letting go can be and to show that although self-acceptance can be a difficult journey we are better off if we are honest and strip away the filters.
Speaking about the song they said,
For us, the core message in this song is to learn to accept who we are and to embrace every aspect of ourselves. In a world where we are tempted to cloak our lives in a filter online, we wanted to challenge that culture with real and unfiltered experiences that many of us have witnessed.
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