Lucie Silvas Announces New Single ‘Black Jeans’

Lucie Silvas - credit Sonya Jasinski
Critically-acclaimed artist Lucie Silvas kicks off the year with her brand new single Black Jeans. Co-written by Silvas, JD McPherson, and Trent Dabbs, the song stands out as a highlight from her renowned recent album E.G.O..

The singer’s dusty delivery evoke sixties Southern California spirit with hints of Nashville's Country. Loving the guitars here and somewhat of a touch of psychedelia that makes it perfect for movies and road trips. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Lucie said,
’Black Jeans’ is somewhat of a centerpiece for this new record, being able to lay back a bit and find perspective on everything around me and my place in it. Feels like an escape of some kind - but not running away from anything, just running towards something new and good. It sounds like I’ve always felt when I sing but until now, I didn’t know how to put into a song.