Fredfades & Jawn Rice Drop New Single ‘Tonight’ feat. Lucid Paradise
Time to dance! Norwegian super producers Fredfades & Jawn Rice are set to release their debut album, Jacuzzi Boyz, in 2019 via Mutual Intentions, and have just given us a treat in the shape of Tonight, featuring Lucid Paradise.

If you are into Deep House you will love Tonight. It has an infectious rhythm and a bass that will get you dancing in no time. The song is packed with a killer groove, smooth vocals, and a touch of modern funk which makes this quite a great song to be played at a party to get everybody in a chillout mood. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Fredfades said,
’Tonight’ is my personal favourite cut from the project. It’s a track I hope reflects our love for the true sound of quality soulful deep house. For me, this is like a personal tribute to pioneers of deep house that came out of New York, Jersey, Detroit and Chicago. In the beginning this was a deep house groove I made and sent to Jawn for him to work with. He did a version first, and after that we worked on it together with contributions from both a bass player and Lucid Paradise, which resulted in a slow evolution towards modern funk. This wasn’t what I wanted it to be in the beginning, so me and Jawn went to my studio to scrap the electric guitar bass, re-record the synth bass, lay down more keys, really turning the drums away from boogie funk and back into a house thing again. Then we rearranged both the instrumental and the vocals. I believe this is version six or seven of this song, and all the different versions really sound very different. Bang it real loud and enjoy the groove part that plays for the last three minutes of the song.