Mimoza Unveils New Single "Love For Days"

Mimoza Unveils New Single "Love For Days"
Los Angeles-based pop singer-songwriter Mimoza has just unveiled her brand new single Love For Days, a lovely piece of electro-pop music about the magic of a romance.

On Love For Days, Mimoza takes listeners back to her Swedish roots, bringing back big choruses, timeless melodies and poetic rhymes. What drew me towards this song were its punchy rhythms and strong cinematic soundscapes that perfectly back up her lush, distinctive vocals. It's a perfect song for the radios and to sing along to, showcasing her powerful vocals and songwriting skills. Stream it below!

Mimoza said Love For Days,
it's about that moment you find yourself in when you're both on the verge of falling for each other, but no one has quite let themselves take that step! You both know you are right there, falling in love, but you both need a push to just go for it and surrender yourselves to the magic of what you're feeling.
Born in Kosovo, the pop songstress fled the war-torn country as a young child and has since lived in Sweden, Germany and now the U.S. Her time spent in these countries has given Mimoza an understanding into an array of cultures, allowing a fusion of different influences to blend into her music. Mimoza's fluency in four languages speaks to her diverse background, writing and singing in all of these languages she has developed a unique style, which has been catching the attention of both industry and fans around the globe. 

Mimoza’s stunning songwriting is inspired by real-life experiences. Her vulnerable lyrics touches themes of yearning for love and attention. Her raw and honest storytelling allows listeners to connect to the singer and relate to her music on a personal level.
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