CUTTS Unveil "The Way Out" Music Video
Brooklyn-based electro-pop/ contemporary RnB Duo CUTTS have just unveiled the official music video for their brand new single The Way Out. There's a melancholic and laidback atmosphere that got me instantly hooked to this song and the visuals perfectly match that vibe. Directed by Marina Katz the video has a retro touch with several shots that look like old VHS recordings and it is quite a beauty to watch. Check it out below!

Speaking about the video Marina Katz said,
When I heard The Way out I was moved to reach out to Lilly and collaborate on her video. The video is about someone Lilly and I both loved deeply who died last September. When I heard the song I felt a strong connection to her, I wanted to honor that feeling.

Musically this is a dreamy piece of electronic music paired with R&B which makes for an enthralling listening experience and sets the listener in a retrospective mood. Loving those ethereal-like vocals and smooth melodies that give the song a dreamy atmosphere! Speaking about the song member Peter Bonaventure said,
We were both so tired, neither of us really thought we had the energy to write a song.
Lillian Cutts added,
Peter was out on this little balcony at my place with the door open, and I was just noodling around on the piano.
It sounds crazy, but we really felt like the song was coming in and out of the apartment, like one second we could hear where it should go, and the next we would lose it through the door, said Pete.

Lillian commented,
Most of the song was written A-Capella. We just sat outside singing to each other until the song was done.