Archie Faulks unveils touching new single ‘Blackout’
London-based singer-songwriter Archie Faulks has just unveiled his touching new single Blackout. This is his sophomore single and I've got to say that I am completely in love with his rich, distinctive vocals.

Blackout really pulls one's heartstrings as it deals with loneliness and being in love with someone that is too far and the only way he can be together with that person is in his dreams when he blackouts. I am a sucker for songs like this, packed with emotion and an overall melancholic vibe. Loving the guitars and delicate piano keys and the way they highlight his rich vocals.

To accompany the release he unveiled a stunning video that perfectly matches the song's emotion. A succession of beautifully shot abstract clips, the video conveys a surreal dreamlike ambience that simultaneously straddles both the romantic and unnerving; an ethereal visual journey into the fantastic and unsettling mindset of an individual plagued by lonely, obsessive desire. Watch it below!