The Rasmus Unveil New Single "Holy Grail"
Finnish rock band The Rasmus are back with a gorgeous new single called Holy Grail. I got hooked on this song after the very first listen and it keeps growing on me with each listen.

On Holy Grail they showcase their talent to produce an awesome song packed with catchy melodies and powerful vocals. I really like how they deliver deep, bittersweet lyrics over an infectious production with Lauri's haunting vocals conveying the emotion of each word. The chorus is an absolute earworm and will stick to your head in no time. I can't stop singing along to this gem! If you are a The Rasmus fan you will love this one! Stream it below!

Speaking about Holy Grail frontman Lauri Ylönen said,
I wrote this song during our long tour in Russia last spring. I thought about loneliness a lot. During our concerts, I sometimes look out into the crowd and spot the people in the back, the lonely ones, out of the spotlights. Perhaps I see myself in them. And when we meet fans at the shows, the mysterious ones in the back are the most interesting. The shy, quiet ones. It's hard to come up with something to say when you finally get the chance to do so. This is a song for the anti-heroes.