SHOKO Unveils New Single ‘Girls Don’t Cry’
Danish singer-songwriter SHOKO has just unveiled her brand new single Girls Don't Cry, a groovy piece of dance/pop music. Her rich vocals give the song a soulful r&b vibe and there's a cool Middle Eastern vibe in the melody that makes the song even more appealing. Loving the way the tribal/jungle drums set the pace for track and give it quite a kick. This is a sensual pop song about female empowerment and you can stream it below!

Speaking about the song SHOKO said,
The song is about female empowerment. About self-confidence and not putting your life on hold for a relationship that’s difficult to decode.

SHOKO went on to the final 8 at this years Karrierekanonen -a national talent competition. DR3 made a short documentary called ‘Jeg er dansk!” (I am Danish) focusing on national identity -more relevant now than ever.