Sean Christopher - Yonder After Midnight
Bristol-based Dutch singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sean Christopher is set to release a stripped back acoustic version of his beautiful debut album Yonder, perfectly entitled ‘Yonder After Midnight’, available on November 23rd on Dumont Dumont.

The album sees a full re-working of the original record which includes the acclaimed singles A Thousand Hues, Cherokee, Carry On, and Paper Plane Pilot. As with the original record, it’s entirely written and recorded by Sean, with each track linked by his use of flamenco guitar. 

As a teaser of the album Sean dropped the After Midnight version of A Thousand Hues and I am absolutely in love with this version. I am a fan of the original but this new version is incredibly soothing, like a lullaby. He delivers such an intimate setting on which his emotional and distinctive vocals soar over the smooth acoustic guitar. Stream it below!

Speaking about the new record Sean says: 
Yonder After Midnight' is exactly what the title implies; new recordings in a lullaby kind of way of the entire album, recorded after midnight, with just me and the owls awake. Next to the 'day' version which is quite produced there is now a 'night' version too which is best described as up-close, simple, honest and stripped back.”