Cecil reveals creepy Halloween inspired video for new single ‘Toybox’

Cecil reveals creepy Halloween inspired video for new single ‘Toybox’
London-based singer Cecil has just revealed a creepy Halloween-inspired debut video for her new dark-pop single Toybox.

The video features a human-sized toybox, which took 3-months to custom build with a rotating platform inside that features Cecil, turning throughout the video and channelling the music-box scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, only with a much darker sinister twist. Looking very much ‘The Pale Queen’, Cecil shines and spins in her golden jewelled Arabian-panelled silk custom-designed dress (created by up and coming designer Jasmine Read), as deranged and distorted characters creep out of the box, all orchestrated by a very dark puppet master. Watch it below!

Speaking about the song Cecil said,
‘Toybox is a story of a dysfunctional relationship between two twisted people, but it’s all a dark game in the end. I found a way to portray the emotions and pandemonium between the two through the characters created in the video who are acting out all the emotions experienced, yet the main characters thrive on these twisted emotions, a ‘Folie à deux’ you might say. I have always loved Halloween and the dark tales that surround it and wanted to add towards it. I’m always dressed in black and often get told my skin resembles a vampire's as I’m pale so I thought why not put it all together and birth Toybox on Halloween. Come and take a look inside the box!’
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