Brian Jarvis Unveils new Single ‘Stay Young’
New England-based singer-songwriter Brian Jarvis has just unveiled his brand new single Stay Young, a reflective piece of Folk-tinged pop music.

As soon as I heard the guitar riffs I knew I was going to love this song. Brian's soulful vocals won me over and I really liked the way they carry the emotion of the lyrics and make you feel each and every word he sings. Stay Young's retrospective vibe is very relatable and shares that feeling of how time passes by so fast and that we should cherish the beauty of youth and its innocence. The song comes from the heart and you can feel it. Really loving this one guys! Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Brian said,
Stay Young is a song that was born from the reverence of how we look and feel at youth. We always want to grasp onto our youth once we are older but yet so quick to grow up. The song dives into the notion that it’s ok to enjoy the beauty of youth and its innocence. The line “She ran into that river wild wearing no apologies” speaks to the fearlessness we have as kids. To run off into the world with our arms open to whatever it brings. How that time passes so quickly and how it must feel for a parent to watch your kids navigate the process is the essence of growing older.

Stay Young is the title track of his upcoming EP slated to come out in 2019. Speaking about it he said,
This entire EP is reflective. Every song has moments of personal clarity, lessons and is deeply rooted in topics that are universally shared. They aren’t just specific to me.

Brian had a unique journey to the release of this second single Stay Young. In 2012 Jarvis embarked on his first of many national tours in support of his debut record Beautifully Broken. The record inspired by the sudden passing of his father debuted in the top 50 on the iTunes rock chart. Brian spent the next 3 years supporting major acts and playing major festivals trying to build a name.

A lot had changed in 3 years on the road personally; Brian was now entering into a new chapter of his musical career that was interrupted by personal changes. Jarvis explains,
After my father passed I was in denial, I had become someone I was not proud of. It hurt my personal life and my music. None of the songs were exciting me, I had all the best studio space, musicians and the magic wasn’t there. It had to do with where I was emotionally.
In 2017, Brian decided to scrap the entire EP. While still on the road and touring with other artists.It was during this time he started writing for the same reasons he did when he was just a kid.
I started writing because it healed me; I needed to express my struggles with personal demons.