Anastasia Elliot Unveils Debut Single "The Boy Who Cried Love"

Anastasia Elliot Unveils Debut Single "The Boy Who Cried Love"
Nashville-based singer-songwriter Anastasia Elliot has just unveiled her debut single The Boy Who Cried Love and this is a stunning piano-based song with a dreamy string section! As soon as I heard the brooding piano keys I knew I was in for a treat.  Anastasia's enchanting vocals are incredibly powerful and give the song a captivating classical touch. This woman can sing!! Wow!

There's a melancholic and emotional atmosphere that got me playing the song over and over again and I think you guys will love it. The Boy Who Cried Love is a beautiful slow tempo power ballad with a classical touch. There's a Kate Bush and Evanescence vibe that just got me hooked to this gem! Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Anastasia said,
I chose this unconventional song as my first release because I wanted to lead with a song that showcased my classical roots and the beauty and feeling you can get from a barebones track. This was one of the first songs I ever wrote. It is about a siren who has had her heart shattered for the last time and she is out for revenge. There will be blood.
The Boy Who Cried Love is the lead single of her upcoming album set to arrive in 2019. Speaking about the upcoming full length project she said,
With this record, I wanted to create an immersive visual and sonic experience for the viewer. Each track is a special and unique story that when listened to together creates an abstract adventure.
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