Türküm Drops New Track "Feel My Love"

Türküm Drops New Track "Feel My Love"
Turkish indie artist Türküm has just unveiled his brand new single Feel My Love which explores the dark side of passion. Here he showcases a powerful blend of warped vocals and cinematic production skills that exudes emotional catharsis. 

I am loving those haunting piano chords and disembodied vocals which are then joined by powerful percussion and cinematic synths. At its peak, Feel My Love erupts into heavy, rolling basslines and metallic synths as Türküm unleashes his aggression, and it's one that you'll feel in your very bones. Stream it below!

The dark and prodigious quality of Feel My Love stems from the situation under which it was written, which just happened to be at a Starbucks. Speaking about it Türküm said, 
I wrote this song when I first arrived in Den Haag. The Idea started in Starbucks and I sat down for like 10 hours just working on it. This happened after I was told I couldn't play at the club which I was supposed to in the Netherlands. I was very sad when I heard the news and felt betrayed but as time passed I just motivated myself to look up and work.
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