Pawl Drops New Single ‘Belong’
Swedish artist, songwriter and producer Pawl has just unveiled his brand new single Belong, a groovy piece of sun-soaked EDM. I am loving the guitar-driven melody and his vocals are quite smooth and captivating. The electronic production is packed with a killer bass, tropical synth lines and an overall sun-soaked atmosphere that will keep you warm in the Autumn days to come.

If you are into groovy dance music that blends pop, future house and EDM and has a tropical, summery vibe, then you will love Belong. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Pawl said,
‘Belong’ is simply about belonging - belonging to someone, or belonging somewhere. It’s about loving someone unconditionally and not getting that person out of your head, since they’re always there. It’s also about everything that comes along with that, such as daring to be vulnerable with someone.