Leah Nobel Drops New Single ‘Steps’
Nashville-based singer-songwriter Leah Nobel has just unveiled her brand new single Steps, a story of two refugees from Rwanda now living in the US. This is not your ordinary song about the usual themes of love and heartbreak. I really like how she is giving voice to people and writes about human themes that are underrepresented in art.

Here Leah uses her songwriting skills and lush, powerful vocals to tell the story of brother and sister Fabrice and Fiona. Backed by a stunning production of piano keys and drums that set the pace to her story that captivates the listener from the very start. Steps is a beautiful song with a powerful message and you can stream it below!

Here's the story abou the siblings:
You are a child during the Rwandan Genocide. Between April and June of 1994 almost a million of your people are killed in a civil war, including your friends and neighbors. Your church is supposedto be a safe place, but members of your congregation have been bribed by the government to participate in the genocide. Your parents do the right thing. They take in people who are running for their lives and hide them anywhere they can, even underneath your bed, next to your toys and books. When the war is over, the very people your parents rescued then turn on your family. They want your money or they threaten to send your dad to prison. Your father goes missing soon after. He’s been kidnapped and taken to prison by a corrupt government where he’ll spend the next 8 years of his life-without a trial.

When those same people come after you and your siblings- your mother is forced to make an agonizing decision. Stay in Rwanda and risk death- or flee to safety in Uganda. The choice is obvious. You will learn to go by a new name- refugee.

Steps, which chronicles Fabrice’s road to forgiving God after a bitter childhood, is Leah's new single taken from her 10-track project, Running in Borrowed Shoes, which is based on the stories of 100 people from diverse backgrounds that Leah interviewed.