CAEZAR Unveil New Single ‘Hold On’

CAEZAR Unveil New Single ‘Hold On’
London-based indie-pop trio CAEZAR have just unveiled their brand new single Hold On, the follow up to their stunning debut single Waiting.

That infectious guitar lick immediately caught my attention and I knew I was in for a treat. Chris Quigley's vocals sound awesome here, super soulful and convey the emotion of the lyrics perfectly. The percussion and electronics complete the song and give it an addictive sound that reminds me of acts like Imagine Dragons, Bastille and OneRepublic.

Although the lyrics convey a more pensive mood the guys still manage to create an uplifting, anthemic mood that makes you want to spin this song over and over again. If you are into infectious indie-electro music that's both emotional and fun to listen to then you'll love Hold On. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song the band explained that,
Just because you love someone, doesn't mean it's right. ‘Hold On’ was written out of the conflicted feelings of bre