SLANDER, Crankdat and Asking Alexandria Team Up For Heavy Metal Infused New Single "Kneel Before Me"
SLANDER have teamed up with leading UK rock band, Asking Alexandria, and rising talent, Crankdat to deliver Kneel Before Me, a hardcore-meets-bass track out now on Monstercat/Sumerian Records. 

Opening with the notes of a sinister storm, Kneel Before Me evokes images of the Amazonian jungle during the apocalypse, filled with the sounds of the wild - grating mechanical synths intertwine with the shrieking of animals and growling basslines become one with the clap of thunder. SLANDER's cutting edge production style and Asking Alexandria's angst-ridden vocals give Kneel Before Me both emotional and dancefloor appeal, merging the best of heavy rock with the energetic and dynamic bass of dance music. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song SLANDER said,
This kind of music is in our core and is where a lot of our other tastes developed from, so if you can imagine how thrilled we were when Asking Alexandria agreed to be a part of our new song with Crankdat! Our goal with this song was to make our own rendition of hardcore music with dubstep at its core, essentially bringing our musical roots into 2018! Hope you guys dig it!